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Class Descriptions


Party yourself into shape with our certified Zumba fitness instructors. You'll be HOOKED! This latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie burning, dance fitness-party is sure to have you letting loose and feeling the burn.

Beginner Adult Ballet

Our ballet classes offer a safe, unintimidating atmosphere geared very much toward the true beginner to explore movement style of ballet.  These classes will familiarize you with the basics: introduction to vocabulary, style, alignment/posture. Focusing heavily on dance as a method to fun, fitness, coordination, self-expression/awareness in addition to strengthening (mental & physical). These vital attributes can be developed through dance and, in turn, transcend to other aspects of life (work, contacts, relationships, etc.) in the form of charisma & confidence!


Twerk Out

This intense, booty-bouncing, class will have you burning 500+ calories within the hour.  Set to "twerk-appropriate" music, you'll see your twerk skills improve, your sizes slim down, your legs gain strength, and your waist become smaller. Fitness and aerobic elements are added to routines to ensure that these catchy moves can be learned from novice to expert!


Stilleto Sculpt

Bring your stilettos ladies! You'll tone every part of your body with this energizing blend of fitness moves and dance routines. We will also tone and tighten your midsection, strengthen your body, and create long, lean, strong legs, and perky bums!  You'll thank us later...


Ballet Barre + top 40's hits + aerobics = Barre Derriere'. This class offers strengthening and lengthening of your core and extremities. Beginners through advanced alike will appreciate the toning, dance artistry and pumping playlist this class offers.


Dance your way to a sexier self. Our chair dancing class consists of a sexy routine that will work all your muscles while gyrating to the beat. Students learn a choreographed chair routine which also includes floorwork and sensual movement.  Get ready to show us what you're made of all while getting in an invigorating workout! 



Be apart of the line when you're out with friends and family and your favorite line dance tunes blast through the speakers.  Here, we learn and revamp popular line dances with an amplified fitness remix. Get ready to "Work It" inside and outside of the dance room!



This is a modern and playful "striptease" dance based class which uses a variety of props to create a theme or character. Classes may include the use of chairs, boas, canes, hats, button down shirts, leg warmers, gloves, and various other playful props to flirt and tease. Make sure to wear something that makes you feel sexy to this class such as fishnets under your shorts.  This class is designed to bring out your inner sexy kitten. This class is such loads of fun, you'll forget you're working out!!





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